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Intelligent Vision

From Design To Operation

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Security Systems

Design, Supply and implement Security CCTV systems infrastructure

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ERP & Consultancy

We specialize in ERP consultancy, guiding you to select, implement, and optimize the perfect ERP system for your business. Our expert team offers tailored solutions, seamless implementation, and ongoing support, ensuring cost-effective, results-driven ERP strategies. 


We specialize in streamlining your business processes through seamless software integration. Our expert team assesses your unique needs, customizes integrations, and ensures smooth implementation. Transform your workflow, boost efficiency, and enhance productivity by partnering with us for all your integration needs.

Medical Services 

Intelligent Vision is a rapidly growing and well-regarded company in the medical and healthcare services industry, specializing in importing, marketing, and providing comprehensive solutions, equipment, and supplies for healthcare, backed by 24/7 after-sales support and maintenance, and offering integrated solutions across various medical market segments.

Smart Building (End to End)

We offer comprehensive services, from design and implementation to management, enhancing ROI and lowering TCO. Our integrated infrastructure covers data, voice, video, data centers, wired and wireless networks, security, telephony, CCTV, access control, and more, ensuring efficient operations and enhanced user experiences. Additionally, we provide applications like BSS, RFID, TTM, loyalty programs, and billing systems."

Interactive Kiosk

Utilize our large touch screen and mobile app for a seamless visitor experience, offering features like shop directories, wayfinding, directions, special offers, and advertising. This cutting-edge service enhances customer loyalty, drives revenue, and introduces new income streams through advertisements.

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